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April 25

Meditation and Horses:Mindfulness and Meditation  with the HEALING HERD of H & MAllow the Equus to be the catalyst for a meditation practice. A practice to bring you into sensory Awareness: Smell, Touch, Seeing and Hearing, guided by the presence of Horses.   What  is meditation?  How to meditate. How to bring meditation into your everyday.      DATE: April 25 TIME: 6:30-8:30COST: 45.00Pre-registration only-by April 22th**There is a class limit, sign up early is recommended.

May 2-SHAMANIC HEALING with Horses: Yoga, Mindfulness, Healing
Energy Healing with the Horses:  In the presence of Grace, with our Equine Partners as the Catalyst for Healing.  This workshop is for those that would like to experience energy healing in the body and clarity in the mind.   Receive two energetic clearings, energy field and chakra clearing.  This is  a personal experience with the horses, the practice will also include journal prompts, writing and meditation.
DATE: May 2nd TIME: 6:30-8:30COST: 65.00Pre-registration only-by April 28th 

**Class size is limited, early sign up is recommended

** Please bring a journal and pen

May 9-June 13th 6 week series YOGA with the HORSES

In the paddock or in the barn, barefoot and on your mat.  Delight in the magic of the herd grazing around you as you practice a Conscious, Breath Centered, Slow Flow. A practice in sensory awareness and to be witness to the power of your energy in the herd.  All the while strengthen and bring flexibility to your body  and mind to facilitate healing and release tension.  Be in the presence of the divine grace of a horse as you find home in your on your mat. A practice like no other as you enjoy the changing light in the evening sky at the farm.  

Thursdays 6:30-7:30 6 week series 90.00 (with EARLY BIRD pre-registration SIGN UP by May 6) Drop in 20. Staff/volunteers 10

May 5   MINDFUL CONNECTIONS-Yoga, You and Your Horse-  Yoga IN and OUT of the saddle: a Mindfulness practice, can heal your body and mind to bring harmony to you and your horse.  Have you wondered how you and your horse can be more of a team?  Are you achey, creaky, off balance?  Is your horse better to the right?  This may be you and the imbalance in your body.  Be awake to effects that  your body and mind have with your horse- Bring Full Consciousness to your rides.  Increase your  relationship with your horse and deepen your seat.   Decrease pain and tension in your body to find suppleness, strength and ease.  Be ready for your show season and increase your performance.  Open to all disciplines of riding.  Dressage, Hunter Jumpers, Trail Riding, Western and everyone in-between.  

Open to the public-for trailer ins, or work  with one of our H & M healing herd horses.  Class size is limited.  Reserve your spot and your Equine partner.  Call for details and to pre-register 413-281-9003

DATE: SUNDAY- May 5th TIME: 2-4pm COST: 100.00 H & M Horse 60.00 CLASS LIMIT 8

June 9- DEEPEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR HORSE  Liberty, Mindfulness, Equus Yoga 

In this comprehensive workshop taught by Monica Celli and Rachel Conaway (        ) we look at what the the handlers responsibility is to the horse, in body and mind- 

Learn Tools and Techniques to be more aware and to be able to listen to the horse. Create a lasting bond and relationship so your horse wants to be with you.

Have you ever wondered what Liberty work is, how to do it?  And how as  handler you can be calm and assertive, in power and softness in each and every moment to provide a safe container for your partner?

Be aware of what energy are you putting out, and how does your horse react to you.  Look at how this translates in the saddle and your ability to be a team with your horse.  Take responsibility in body and mind, to bring healing to your body first with Yoga and Meditation.

Workshop will include:

In hand work, noodles, bridges, desensitizing with your Equine partner.

Liberty in hand and in the Round Pen.

Mindfulness and Meditation, Yoga and Body awareness

Option for last hour of class to AUDIT or Be in the Saddle to deepen your connection with your Equine partner. (price break down below) 

DATE: June 9  TIME: 1-4 pm COST: $280.00 includes use of High & Mighty Healing horse /$200 with your own horse-trailer in/*neg. coggins, pre registration by June 5 Co-taught with Rachel Conaway PATH Cert. Instructor          8 person limit for optimum attention Pre registration required by June 5

Created by Equus Yoga; Yoga with Horses, gives you an opportunity to practice with the herd. Created specifically for onsite locations. Clients needs, sensory awareness, mindfulness, and meditation incorporated into a conscious flow to bring healing to our bodies and minds. Be aware of how your energy effects the herd around you, and what this says about you.                  Pre register for class via FB or email us

YOGA ON THE FARM: Berkshire HorseWorks  Richmond MA                              preregister 413-698-3700 TBA


Yoga on the Farm Series-With the healing Horses of High and Mighty

Yoga on the Farm Series-With the healing Horses of High and Mighty


Thursdays Mindful Flow 9-10:15  Winter/Spring Schedule Ongoing -Bug Fish Studios, message for directions, Stockbridge MA 

Fridays 11-12:30 Mindful Gentle/Moderate Flow  -Yoga GREAT BARRINGTON- Rossetier St. GT. Barrington MA    -Ongoing-

Yoga For Teens-6 Week Series Yoga Great Barrington -Through April 2, 2019 Tuesdays 3:30-4:30.  sign up at

Privates and Groups- Call to schedule an appointment.  -specializing in meeting the needs of the clients.  Create a yoga practice for your specific needs, from Equestrians, to people coming back from injuries, to offering a gentle or advanced practice to private groups.  From wedding parties to weekend getaways.  Contact for more information and pricing.   

Shamanic Healing sessions- Call to schedule  With our beloved Belle or in our healing studio.  Shamanic healing offers another level of insight to our selves.  We hold certain information in our body, past traumas or ideas, these holding places often need the aid of release via energy healing.  Without the release, they can cause discomfort, pain, dis-ease.  Horses show us what we need to see about our behavior, our inhibitions or if we are present or not.   As horses respond to the truth, even if we think that we can hide it.  The horse will show you what you do not want to speak of, there is no hiding in their presence.  Especially a previously wild horse that responds to energy so acutely,  as it has been the difference of  life and death to her.   Just being in their presence is often an exhale and allows one to feel something more than themselves.  Combining Shamanic healing in the presence of our Equine partners is profound and provides us with an even keener insight to ourselves, as they are pure and show us.

Email for more information.   

Hiking, Horses, Meditation  

An original Equus Yoga creation, created for the Healing Barns of Berkshire County. Immerse yourself in nature, and allow  the fields,  woods and Horses of BHW's  be a restorative balm.  Participants can allow this experience to be a catalyst to inspire and spark creativity, help you to set goals, or get your goals back on track.  This program can spark creativity for your vision board, create a vision board or to recenter and press the reset button by stepping out of your busy life.  This is a perfect program for corporate leaders or any one looking to  practice being calm and  assertive in the presence of horses.  Or just simply for those of you that would like to combine their love of horses and hiking and to step out of your busy life.  Hiking and Horses brings two incredible worlds together via mindfulness, meditation and journal entriesParticipants are led through a mindful meditation, centered in breath and body awareness prior to taking the horses for a hike.  We will then hike through the beautiful fields and woods, along a trail with a babbling brook, with our Equine companions, to a meditation sit spot.  You will  then be guided in a solo sitting meditation, time will be allotted  for journal entries and/or  free association writing,  or vision board inspiration.  

We will then hike back to the barn and have a moment to close the program. 

Plan for gentle hike, some small hills,  a sitting meditation

Plan on leaving with tools for a personal meditation practice, inspired by your surroundings, where ever you are.  

Come with hiking shoes, bug repellents, sun screen,  water, towel to sit on, journal, pen/paper

pre register by calling Berkshire HorseWorks 413-698-3700


Horses: Creativity and Healing: Dates TBA 


"In just one lesson, Monica helped me find a greater connection with my horse. Starting with simple stretching and mindfulness exercises together on the ground, I was far less stiff and and listening better when I mounted. And during the mounted activities I could tell by the improved softness and responsiveness of my mare that she was happier, too. Monica is very knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. I'd highly recommend her to any rider whether a beginner or an expert. This is a fun, relaxing and rewarding way to spend time with your horse that really pays off for any discipline!' SG, experienced rider from Connecticut  

 "I really enjoy your practice and am happy to find myself there!  I think you lead a very thoughtful and nurturing practice that flows beautifully and is a work out!!!   I love your knowledge of the body and your kind approach.  As I said ....blissful!!!!! "JF. Yogi, Professional Dancer

"Monica allows us to stay grounded and to take the practice as deep as you need it.  She offers modifications to postures to meet the needs of everyone.  Every day it is different, no matter how many times you have done the same posture, I am often lost before I begin, and this practice always keeps me grounded."  EB Yogi, Mother, Board Member



When...people experience the slightest hint of the sheer, unbridled euphoria that comes from moving in perfect rhythm with a thousand pounts of heart and muscle, there is absolutely no turning back.
— Linda Kohanov The Tao of Equus