A yoga practice specialized to meet your individual needs. High performance athletes, recovery, normal aches and pains.  Create a personal practice just for you.  

I always find everything feels better after yoga, I walk differently, I see with clarity and I am in less pain! I started to see the difference in my riding practice immediately. Unity was there with flexibility and strength from the beginning of the ride. I wasn’t thinking, I was being. I was able to take my yoga practice on my mat and directly correlate it to my riding practice.” Monica Celli-de Movellan


How does the Equus relate to the Yoga and Mindfulness?

The Horse, is a horse, is a horse is a horse. The beauty of being with a horse, is that they never try to be anything other than who they are. They eat, they chew they stomp at flies. They run, they jump, they spook. But they never try to ‘fool’ us into thinking that they are a ‘cow’ say. They are a horse.

When we come to our mats, this philosophy is what inspires me. Is to present the moment at hand to the student. To allow the moment to unfold and the student to see what is there. What emotion, what thought, what feeling. To allow the student to just BE, in a safe and supportive environment. To allow the student to be completely and utterly themselves. Just a human. Just a messy beautiful, exquisite human. All the while of course, cleansing and clearing meridians, realigning muscular tension, supporting muscles groups that need strengthening, as well as the ones that need suppling.

This is Equus Yoga. Not just for the Equestrian Body and Mind. But for every BODY and MIND.

Yoga on the MAT for Equestrians:   Is a curriculum  specifically created for the Equestrian body.  This practice meets the diverse needs of the rider's body.  From increasing core strength, to helping the body soften and lengthen, increasing flexibility in the spine and pelvis, helping keep the body strong and supple for the long run.  Equus Yoga on the MAT offers  the rider the ability to  'supple' their body, so they may help their horse do the same. 

Help keep your body strong, flexible and healthy!  This class is designed specifically for the Equestrian. There is no yoga experience necessary. All riding disciplines, all levels of yoga; you will leave having benefited from a curriculum designed with postures for your equestrian body. Time during class will be allotted to address specific areas of tension and postural questions. Highlights of the practice will include strengthening and brigning flexibility to the hips, shoulders and spine to help relieve tension in those areas, which ultimately can help relieve lower back pain and bring greater flexibility and stablility to your seat and connection to your horse.  Ultimately improving the riders' coordination and communication with their Equine partner.  The healing and mindful qualities of yoga, including working with your breath and breathing techniques will be woven into our practice, benefiting your trail rides or your stadium jumping, but most importantly, your horse will thank you, as your energy and imbalances directly effect his performance.   Modifications always welcome and encouraged to meet the needs of the students. 

The mindful benefits of Buddism and the soothing breath work of yoga are incorporated for the Equestrian in to a practice that flows seamlessly, as are the many styles of yoga that have influenced Monica's practice and teaching style.  Including but not limited to, Hatha, Kripalu, Vinayasa, Ashtanga and Iyengar.   Monica is certified in Positional Therapy, bringing these healing modalities into her teaching style.  Monica's additional certifications in Shamanism,  Anxiety and Immunity, as well as her years as a Public School Educator and Department Chair bring humility, humor and professionalism to her teaching, meeting her students needs where they are, as they are, from advanced practices to beginners. 

Yoga Classes for ALL BODIES, not just Equestrians- Monica teaches on going classes in the Berkshires, from privates to group classes, wedding parties or your weekend guest.    Her classes allow the yogi to 'luxuriate in the moment', by bringing mindfulness and consciousness into their practice.  Students are encouraged to be witness to what feeling sensations in the body arrive, whether it is a gentle practice for clients with injuries or modifications or a Vigorous Practice tailored to the athlete  .Monica weaves postures together with a mindful flow, while emphasizing proper alignment and caring for ones' self  in each posture.  Monica's private sessions meet the needs of the individuals' body and the client leaves the  private session with a individualized practice to take home.  A Yoga practice that encourages compassion to what is, rather than what has been or what will be in the future.  A yoga practice is just that, a practice.  It is not yoga perfect.  Every body is different with it's own needs and proportions; there fore each and every posture will look different on each and every body.    Monica's professional expertise specializes in tayloring classes to meet the needs of each individual client.  

Private and group classes are offered, in the Berkshires, your home or her home town studio.  She offers workshops on the mat for the Equestrians.  Check the contact page for upcoming dates.  


"Monica creates the most amazing atmosphere in her class.  It is a perfect combination of mindfulness, creativity and a place to grow one’s yoga practice while feeling safe and supported.  Her extensive knowledge is encouraging and kind for every level, always offering poses and modifications that inspire each individual in their own yoga practice.   Her extensive following is a true testament to this gifted teacher.  I am so grateful to be able to attend her class every week. "    W O. Artist.

"I love how I feel and who I am after walking off the mat from Monica's classes. Monica is trained in several healing arts, of which yoga is only one, and this well-rounded approach is what makes her classes truly special. Monica's flow of sequence, sound technical adjustments and mind-body teachings reflect a wisdom beyond the norm. Her style is kind, loving, and authentic and I leave the mat feeling the same."     Hillery M., Teacher, Lenox

"Monica always teach me something which helps my 50+ body feel better.  This time it was all about my tootsies.  I was on my way to the pain clinic to beg for a cortisone shot, but she taught me that nifty little move where we kind of sat on our toes. I did it each morning and after three days - GONE!  Seriously, I was awake each night with serious foot pain and you have cured me.  Now I can get back to everything else my body needs to accomplish during beauty sleep!" Amy Consolati, Educator

Strengthen, supple, bring stillness to your body and mind through the benefits of a yoga practice.

Munai yoga studio

Munai yoga studio

smooth ledge, rapid river Maine

smooth ledge, rapid river Maine